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Charlaine Harris
Sookie Stackhouse Series: Dead Until Dark
Sookie Stackhouse Series: Living Dead in Dallas
Sookie Stackhouse Series: Club Dead
Sookie Stackhouse Series: Dead to the World
Sookie Stackhouse Series: Dead as a Doornail
Sookie Stackhouse Series: Definately Dead
Sookie Stackhouse Series: All Together Dead
Harper Connelly Series: Grave Surprise
Harper Connelly Series: An Ice Cold Grave

Christine Feehan
Dark Series: Dark Prince
Dark Series: Dark Desire
Dark Series: Dark Gold
Dark Series: Dark Magic
Dark Series: Dark Challenge
Dark Series: Dark Fire
Dark Series: After Twilight: Dark Dream (anthology)
Dark Series: Dark Legend
Dark Series: Dark Guardian
Dark Series: Dark Symphony
Dark Series: The Only One: Dark Descent (anthology)
Dark Series: Dark Melody
Dark Series: Dark Destiny
Dark Series: Hot Blooded: Dark Hunger (anthology)
Dark Series: Dark Secret
Leopard Series: Fantasy: The Awakening (anthology)
Leopard Series: Wild Rain
Drake Sisters Series: Lover Beware: Magic in the Wind (anthology)
Drake Sisters Series: The Twilight Before Christmas
Drake Sisters Series: Oceans of Fire
Drake Sisters Series: Safe Harbor
Ghostwalker Series: Shadow Game
Ghostwalker Series: Mind Game
Ghostwalker Series: Night Game
A Very Gothic Christmas (anthology)
Shadows of a Christmas Past (anthology)
Liar of the Lion
The Scarletti Curse

Laurell K. Hamilton
Anita Blake Series: Guilty Pleasures
Anita Blake Series: The Laughing Corpse
Anita Blake Series: Circus of the Damned
Anita Blake Series: The Lunatic Cafe
Anita Blake Series: Bloody Bones
Anita Blake Series: The Killing Dance
Anita Blake Series: Burnt Offerings
Anita Blake Series: Blue Moon
Anita Blake Series: Obsidian Butterfly
Anita Blake Series: Naurcissus in Chains
Anita Blake Series: Cerulean Sins
Anita Blake Series: Incubus Dreams
Anita Blake Series: Micah
Anita Blake Series: Danse Macabre
Anita Blake Series: The Harlequin
Merry Gentry Series: A Kiss of Shadows
Merry Gentry Series: A Caress of Twilight
Merry Gentry Series: Seduced by Moonlight
Merry Gentry Series: A Stoke of Midnight
Merry Gentry Series: Mistral's Kiss
Merry Gentry Series: A Lick of Frost Nightseer

Lynda Hilburn
Vampire Shrink

Tanya Huff
Blood Price
Blood Trail
Blood Lines
Blood Pact
Blood Debt

Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dark Hunter Series: Fantasy lover
Dark Hunter Series: Tapestry: Dragonswan (anthology)
Dark Hunter Series: Night Pleasures
Dark Hunter Series: Night Embrace
Dark Hunter Series: Midnight Pleasures: Phantom Lover (anthology)
Dark Hunter Series: Dance with the Devil
Dark Hunter Series: Kiss of the Night
Dark Hunter Series: Night Play
Dark Hunter Series: Stroke of Midnight: Winter Born (anthology)
Dark Hunter Series: Seize the Night
Dark Hunter Series: Dark Side of the Moon
Dark Hunter Series: Dream Hunter
Dark Hunter Series: Devil May Cry
Dark Hunter Series: Upon the Midnight Clear
Dark Hunter Series: Dream Chaser
Bad Series: Born to be Bad: One Bad Night (anthology)
Bad Series: Born to be Bad: Bad to the Bone (anthology)
Bad Series: Born to be Bad: Captivated by you (anthology)
The League Series: Man of my Dreams: Fire and Ice (anthology)

Susan Krinard
Prince of Wolves
Prince of Shadows
Touch of the Wolf
Once a Wolf
Secret of the Wolf
To Catch a Wolf
When Darkness Falls: Kiss of the Wolf (anthology)
To Tame a Wolf

Rosemary Laurey
Vampire Series: Walk in the Moonlight
Vampire Series: Rapture in the Moonlight
Vampire Series: Be Mine Forever
Paradox: Fly With a Dragon (anthology)
Paradox II: Adriana
Paradox III: The Shattered Stone (anthology)
Immortal Bad Boys: Velvet Night (anthology)
Winter Warriors: Turkish Delight (anthology)

J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Susan Sizemore
Laws of the Blood: The Hunt
Laws of the Blood: Partners
Laws of the Blood: Companions
Laws of the Blood: Deceptions
Laws of the Blood: Heroes
I Burn for You
I Thirst for You
Shadows of a Christmas Past (anthology)
I Hunger for You

Susan Squires
The Companion

Christine Warren
Fantasy Fix
She's no Fairy Princess

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