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Update 05.01.2008   

Back after a very VERY long time! Actually most of this stuff I had ready to go but I had to sit down and get it done. All mentioned below can be found in the Translation Section!

Chapter 2 raw scans of the Lamento Comic published in Comic B's Log
Story 2 raw scans of Lamento ~Beyond the Void~ Comic Selection (Antholgy)
Story 3 raw scans of Lamento ~Beyond the Void~ Comic Selection (Antholgy)
I'll see about getting some more stuff up soon.

FYI, for those of you wanting Chapter 2 translations of the comic you can purchase them at Eigomanga's website. I commissioned for the chapter to be translated for $17.15 but I did not buy the 'scanlation' rate because it was more expensive, so I cannot post the translations up here. However, they are on their website for anyone else to buy at a rate of $5.20.

Always feel free to use the Guestbook to leave any comments or requests.


Update 02.04.2008   

Ah, I totally forgot to link to it when I uploaded it, but you'll find the OST for download in the Lyrics section. XD


Update 09.10.2007   

Got my Rai & Bardo figures in the mail today so I uploaded both of the drama cd's that came with them and put it up in the Goodies section.


Update 09.08.2007   

Ahh~ Finally the weekend! I finished formatting the B's Log Comic translations so Chapter 1 is up in the Translations section along with the scans! (56 pages!!) Enjoy!


Update 09.04.2007   

I was generously allowed to host scanlations of the first five chapters from Lamento's Asato Anthology Comic. These scanlations are in english and can be downloaded in the Translations section.

Put up romanji translations to the japanese version of Itou Kanako's "Lamento" in the Lyrics section. You can download the song by clicking [here]


Update 08.27.2007   

We have 3 new Fanarts, please check them out!

Also posted a direct link for the scans with the Comic Selection translation.


Update 07.31.2007   

We have new Fanart, please check it out!


Update 06.17.2007   

There is a wonderful surprise in the Translations section. Youtin translated the first story from the Lamento Comic Selection. Translation + raw scans are available!

Also, finally a new site layout! The other one was just gray and depressing lol. This one looks better ^^


Update 05.31.2007   

So I made a some wallpapers a few days ago and decided to post them here to share with you all. You can find them in the Goodies section. Anyone else feel free to send me an email if you have anything you want to contribute. ^^


Update 05.16.2007   

We have another new Fanart contributed by space! So cute! Please visit their dA account and leave them a msg!

Also in the Goodies section you can find for download the Short Drama CD's that were released with the Asato & Konoe figures.


Update 04.07.2007   

We have our first Fanart contributed by space! Please go check it out!


Update 03.25.2007   

The Fanart/Fanfics section now has it's first items up thanks to aphelion_orion! Please read and send them any feedback you may have!
If you'd like to submit anything, please email me!

I want to put a new layout up for the website. A more *cheery* one, so hopefully that will be up within this week.


Update 03.21.2007   

Calling all Fanfic writers and Fanart artists!, I decided it would be nice to have a Fanfic and Fanart section for the website. Anyway who wants their fic or art on here please email me, of course there will be a link back to you whether it be DA, LJ, Email, etc. so you can receive comments. Art and fiction *must* be your own though. Please do not take from others and offer it up as your own. That being said, my email is: ayase 'at'

Lyrics is now complete! Posted lyrics for the rest of the songs 'When the End', 'Ž^‚¦‚΅“¬‚’‚ΜŽ' and '“`³‚ΜŽ -Verum-'.


Update 03.03.2007   

Uwah! It's been a long time since an update. Shiroro has kindly donated to us her english translations of two songs from the Lamento O.S.T. an also a translation from the Valentines Day drama! Check it out! <3


Update 01.22.2007   

Haven't been updating for a while, sorry about that. I'll get the lyrics posted tonight hopefully. Updated the links page with an affiliate who will be doing Lamento scanlations. If anyone else has a Lamento related site and wants to be an affiliate don't hesitate to email me. ^_^

Update in Lyrics! Added ones up for "Temple of Soul". Others hopefully to come later in the week.


Update 11.24.2006   

The Lamento OST was released today! I'm going to be posting the Lyrics from the vocal tracks. So far I have 1 up. There are 5 total. Look for them soon.


Update 11.03.2006   

Lamento was released last week! I finished the game a couple of days ago. I'll post a mini review of it later. I'll be slowly updating certain sections today.

-A capture guide link has been added to the Layout/Links section.
-Updated the Information page with disc specifics & update patch info.
-Added a clearfile image and the back excerpt from it on the Goodies page.

Nitro+CHiRAL put up their information page on the Lamento OST.


Update 10.22.2006   

Translations for the Lamento doujinshi pages from uLOVE SOLID EXCELLENTv are now up.


Update 10.18.2006   

The Key Terms page is up! The only sections that will probably be updated after this are the Translations and Goodies section. I also got ahold of 2 Lamento doujinshi, so I'm going to work on those soon. (They're really cute!) hehe


Update 10.16.2006   

The Characters page is now up.


Update 10.08.2006   

Page 1 in the Translations section for the Lamento Worldguide book are up!
Also got the Story page up with translated info!