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Lamento ~Beyond the Void~ B's Log Comic

Chapter 1 Scans (raw)
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Lamento ~Beyond the Void~ Comic Selection (Antholgy)

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Lamento ~Beyond the Void~ Asato Anthology

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Love Solid Excellent by MUTE Cafe (Doujinshi)
Series: Togainu no Chi / Lamento

Lamento strips translation (complete)

Valentines Day (07') Mini Lamento Drama
Translation of special drama from Nitro+CHiRAL's website.
(Translated by: Shiroro)

Konoe: It seems like a sweet aroma is filling up the city since the morning.
Rai: It's a smell that sticks to my nose.
Bardo: That's because it's that day today.
Konoe: That?
Bardo: Yeah, that. According to texts, the futatsuzue gave a particular object they put their precious feelings in on this day to give to a significant other.
Asato: Precious feelings? What is this so called particular object?
Bardo: Do you want to know?
Asato: I do.
Konoe: Me too!
Rai: Ridiculous.
Bardo: Well... it had something like Asato's skin color and something that was hot that Rai is weak against.
Rai: Shut up. I'll kill you.
Asato: It looks like my skin and weak against hot stuff so...
Rai: You... what the hell is it all of a sudden?!
Asato: If I put my arm around you, it becomes something that contains a precious feeling, right?
Bardo: Huh?
Konoe: Eh?
Rai: Are you stupid? How does that become this?
Asato: Konoe, please accept my precious feelings
Konoe: Umm...
Bardo: Well, you guys look extra friendly there...
Asato: Konoe, please accept my precious...
Rai: Get off of me! You stupid cat!!!